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Place-making: When human-centered planning fails

I regularly cross a bridge, passing people who walk very tightly next to the speeding cars, with children, with heavy luggage, and with flocks of sheep. 487 more words

Recreating Place in Archaeology

Many archeological interpretations are based on inference and metaphor, especially when dealing with intangible data sources. This biggest issue of interpretation is that the landscape and climate may have change considerably through thousands of years, and may have sounded considerably different. 584 more words


Places and Spaces: Theories of Placemaking for Anthropology

Researchers often refer to space as a physical location, while place refers to a more specifically designated portion of space. The Project for Public Spaces describes… 193 more words

Anthropological Theory

The Future of Public Space Analytics

Public space is an essential component of any great city. It brings people together to socialize, recreate, and work. More¬†pointedly, it attracts people to the city, builds relationships, and spurs innovation and new ideas that fuel a city’s economic growth.¬† 1,125 more words

Public Space

The untapped potential of brand in property

In real estate, brand is often treated like pixie dust. Labelled “lifestyle,” it gets sprinkled over more meaningful details like location, square footage and views in an effort to attract tenants and make sales. 621 more words


Designing Contextually in a Place Without Context

Before pursuing the question of what it means to design contextually, we need to make sure we are on the same page about the term context. 1,219 more words