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Passage Observed (Revisited, 1st July 2014)

The world melted
Together and apart,
An oil painting
On coarse canvas,
Hanging on their memory,

Impressions stolen,

Delicacy flourished
With each withered
Stroke of the brush, 51 more words


Importance of Place

For me this has two possible meanings:

  1. Importance of place. . . in the writing¬†itself; where it’s set. There’s the obvious where/what/why, but also, how important will the setting be, and how much will it be described and affect what happens.
  2. 698 more words

“There comes a time for departure even when there is no certain place to go.”
-Tennessee Williams


a final dream of flight

i have a pen

i have written my own story

i read yours

it was narrow sad predictable

on so many levels

it did not predict my flight… 305 more words

Black Arts

Pretty Slick SEO!

So you think you know SEO. But do you even know why it’s important in the first place? Read on to find out!


The problem with a lot of contemporary architecture is that it has lost its sense of place. Like clothing, computers and grocery store layout strategies, globalisation has tried to made the world one big homogenous hotel room where we can feel at home. 621 more words