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Burritos in London

English: We know burritos are from Mexico, but in Poncho 8, in London, you can find a really good one! Take a look on this line full of local people! 40 more words


To Belong

Here are some words I scribbled in my scrapbook for this project a wee while ago:

What does it mean: ‘to belong’…?

I belonged in you, Bradford, for a while. 670 more words

Setting: How the masters use it

We’re looking at Setting this week. Here are some setting passages from some of the books I’ve read lately. Let’s see how the masters multi-task. 1,184 more words


London - William Blake


William Blake

I wander thro’ each charter’d street,

Near where the charter’d Thames does flow.

And mark in every face I meet

Marks of weakness, marks of woe. 87 more words


Crossing the Loch - Kathleen Jamie

Crossing the Loch

Remember how we rowed toward the cottage
on the sickle-shaped bay,
that one night after the pub
loosed us through its swinging doors… 236 more words