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Tetris – The Game of the Past and the Future

Fans of gaming of any sort all know a few basic games that formed the foundation of what we know today to be the number one form of entertainment. 577 more words


GAME REVIEW: My love/hate relationship with Pixel Dungeon

I remember when I first played Pixel Dungeon, I hated it. “What’s the deal with the perma-death!?” I bemoaned. I had never heard of such a thing. 1,013 more words


Mosaic Woman - Prismacolor Pencils Drawing

I finally finished this piece yesterday lol. I finished most of it a while ago, though, and it only took me a few focused hours to finish. 99 more words


Misc. Updates

Wolf practice ~

More wolf practice ~

Pokémon gym badge ~


Bringing The Light Back! In Quest Of Dungeons

I did it!! Beaten the game with my little Mage – and – failed to screenshot the final boss…

Yep me sux ;P

Anyway there are still hard difficulties and 3 other classes, so… as long there are any achievements left, the game is not really beaten anyway. 147 more words


HEART STAR! - How I killed one hour of my life with pleasure

So this is a game…It has a high rank on Newgrounds/ AND it’s hella cute and adorable.It revolves around platforming and whatnot crap,yeah,yeah…you know how these games go.But I enjoyed it!It’s made really well!For once I actually didn’t complain about the music or gameplay…pretty solid game.IT’S SHORT!That’s what I didn’t liked.Maybe they could have made more levels and add more gimmicks…but it’s fine.I am fine with the way this game is. 12 more words