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The "Minor" Obsessions... Part 2...

Hi Guys, here is the second part of my obsessions post! I’m sorry it has taken longer than expected to upload, but I hope you enjoy it! 501 more words

Ickle Blog

#073 – Toy Story 3

Director: Lee Unkrich | Year: 2010

Sometimes, I think to myself, “Man, I wish I had been a kid when _________ came out.” That could be a film, TV show, book, video game… Whatever. 223 more words

Discuss the courses which most impacted the development of your writing. How might you use your writing skills in the future?

I’ve always considered myself to be a strong writer and have enjoyed writing various papers over the years. I truly think that my writing ability has improved thanks to the countless pages I’ve composed at Queens, especially those in Communication classes under the guidance of some of my favorite professors. 610 more words


Getting Fundraising Right

It’s so easy to end up telling this story:

This is who we are.

This is what we do.

This is why we do it well. 212 more words