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Pirate101 Gameplay Video - Awesome Ship to Ship Combat in Mooshu!

Captain Ditto has reached level 45 and has upgraded a bunch of stuff, including a fancy new ship!
After the upgrades, Ditto goes looking for trouble, seeking out Armada ships to attack, to collect items for several quests!  13 more words


Captain Ditto makes it through the gate to fight Inoshishi Clanlord in Pirate101

After defeating all the various elemental sorcerers and collecting the Fifth Element props, Captain Ditto and crew finally enter the inner sanctum of the Bandit Cave!  70 more words


Captain Ditto and Crew battle the Sorcerer of the Winds in Pirate101!

The second key to the bandits cave is the Wind Talisman – and these things are totally the elemental keys from ‘The 5th Element’ – it’s pretty obvious.  61 more words


Captain Ditto versus the Earth Sorcerer in Pirate101

Captain Ditto and his trustworthy crew head deeper into Bandit Cave, looking for the sigils that will unlock the final door and defeat the evil warlord guy…  The fight is quite a challenge and there were some losses along the way,  but Ditto’s crew is more than up to the task…  One down, two to go…


Captain Ditto is back in Mooshu, fighting in The Bandit's Cave in Pirate101!

Captain Ditto and crew are back, sailing through Mooshu on the trail of General Tsao, so he can recover another part of Marco Pollo’s map! 54 more words


Where the Sun Never Sets: A Chicken Framed

Enter Privateer Silent Wolf! After some long period of time, I finally got the chance to get some crowns and continue my adventures in Pirate101. And of course as you can tell from the title, I have begun Cool Ranch. 520 more words

Pirate101 June Player Creations

Ahoy!  We have a ton of talented Pirates in the way of the arrrrts in the Spiral!  Each month we like to feature Pirate101 fan art and fan photo submissions through or official social media like… 118 more words