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I LOVE Pinterest. Here’s what I’ve found pretty Pinteresting lately!

Pinteresting Beauty

image 1, 2

Pinteresting Style

Image 1, 2, 3, … 10 more words



Planning… Planning is not exactly easy, but it’s not exactly hard. I can plan the crap out of novels. “He just donated to the orphanage where his daughter lives, and he won’t meet her until she’s sixteen and she’s only five. 296 more words


Pinteresting Image 10

No, an apple has 95 calories.  Broccoli has about 30 calories per cup.  Cranberries are 45 calories per cup.  An orange is 45 calories.  There are about 50 calories in a cup of sliced strawberries. 101 more words


Pinteresting Image 9

Yeah, I figured this out years ago.  This is also why couponing doesn’t work for me.  I mean, seriously, extreme couponers – how often do you see coupons for “fresh produce”? 15 more words


Pinteresting Image 8

As a total comics nerd, all I can say is . . . “Yeah.”


Pinterest Fail!

“I’m home!  Oh dear lord, what’s happened in here…

Sweetie!  Talk to me!”

What is all this…cake, bread, little…balls? Fruit in a jar of…

Oh, no. 16 more words

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