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Double Double

‘Double double’ may register as the start to a spell casted by the witches in Macbeth, the IN-N-OUT burger, or the title of a Olsen Twins film. 333 more words

Cruisin' In Style

I don’t hear enough people say these words as much as they should (or, if not the words specifically, I’m not hearing enough people express the sentiment(s) behind them!)… 382 more words


Monday, 20 April (LotD)

Slow Monday’s call for an easy look, here’s @thedressedchest providing just that!

As we fast approach Summer, light colours come more into the daily wardrobe. But that’s not to say to completely throw our dark colours into to the Winter basket. 165 more words


Why We Love: Festive Sets!

As festival season gets closer and closer, the demand for the cutest closet is bumped up to priority #1. And as our fellow fashionistas, we’re sure you understand ;) To help you start on your Spring wardrobe, we’re here to show you some of our favorite new items– SETS! 93 more words


No. 008DB15

Fabric: Wool

Color: Black Pinstripe

Style: Double Breasted 4 on 2

Get your own bespokes!!

Instagram: 612sixtwelve

Email: the612sixtwelve@gmail.com

Line ID: 612sixtwelve 10 more words


Boyfriends for a Week pt. 3: Enter 90s androgyny

O hai.

Maybe you noticed I missed yesterday in my project. And although I’m not religious, let me just state that even God rested on Sunday. 239 more words