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West Philippine Sea, Please.

I can honestly say that I am not part of the authority that helps defend the Philippine seas, I also wouldn’t want to assume that these people who are supposed to lead the country and defend the people in it agree to something that would put us under China. 634 more words

Avenue Of Self Thought

The Stuffs to Hug !

I was just walking in the Glorietta Mall when i went past this guys then double back to snap some shot of them …


Improve your cash flow : Earn extra money from your skills

There are only two things that have an effect on your debt problem:

1. Spending less
2. Making more money

You can either cut on on your expenses, or earn extra income. 494 more words


Pinoys are foodies

Last week, my husband bought me some of my favorite food for lunch, yummy sushi – no California rolls, just the usual slices of raw fish and cooked eel on rice. 1,059 more words


My Thoughts About Stupid is Forever by Miriam Defensor Santiago (Book Review #33)

If we’re going to have our Philippine presidential election this year, I guess this lady will win it…. by a landslide.

And I finally was able to get hold of a copy of this book by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. 616 more words



Traffic, traffic at traffic, isa sa Hindi mawala walang problema dito sa Pinas. Traffic dito, traffic soon, traffic kung saan saan. Traffic na, Late ka na, sumabay pa ang mahabang pila sa LRT at kung minsa’y ang LRT ay nagkakaaberya pa. 184 more words