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Saturday Smile: Singin' in the Rain

I know you are going to think this is just another in my long line of complaints about our wet weather here on the front range of Colorado. 210 more words


Retrospektivischer Juwelendiebstahl

Die “physical Comedy”, auch “Slapstick” genannt, scheint ja irgendwie eine aussterbende Form der Komödie zu sein. Jetzt werdet ihr sagen “na und? Wie lustig kann es schon sein, jemandem zuzusehen, der immer wieder auf die Fresse fliegt?” Nun ja, kommt drauf an. 970 more words

Der Schrott

“The Theme Songs of the Cartoons”

The theme songs are written and played for the specific programs to represent the plot and the theme of the movie. It gives credit to the features of the title and arrange them in a sequence as a story. 520 more words


Various Types of Animation

Animation is an imitation of action or a movement that is produced by displaying a set of frames or a series of pictures. The set of images show a small change that gives the illusion of movement when the entire series is viewed rapidly. 616 more words

Oggy And The Cockroaches.


That’s right. I’m X-ing things off my to-do list today:

Quick blog post? X-ed.

Put gas in the car and air in the tires? X-ed. 51 more words


Getting High And Rapping With Old Skool Joe

Life is short

do what you want.

You can either roll sushi

or just roll blunts.

You can hit the bong

or roll a joint. 126 more words