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So, unless you watch my daily vlogs (stopjabbaingon) you will have no idea that once upon a time I had my PPL.  Now this was nearly 7 years ago and I’ve literally not flown since passing as I simply couldn’t afford to. 297 more words


Mumble Jumble

Be it standard commercial airlines or budget airlines, like about 95% of the time, I can hardly decipher what the pilot/first officer/lead cabin crew is saying over the intercom. 89 more words


What Pilots See When You Shine a Laser Pointer at Aircraft.

That “weak” light originating from the ground not only reaches the cockpit of planes, it’s also magnified considerably by their Plexiglas windows.
The pilot’s field of vision is compromised as the light comes in bursts, a strobe effect the FBI has compared to setting off a camera flash in a dark room. 22 more words


Uniting the States

Patriotic spirit is soaring this week as both the United States and Canada celebrate their independence. From these nations’ earliest days, their people could plainly see the historic change made possible only by working together toward a greater good. 156 more words


Laurie's Angels

"Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared." (Exodus 23:20) 214 more words
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Austral Lineas Aereas Pilots Fired Over Playboy Playmate Cockpit Selfie: Was It Worth It?

Two Argentinian pilots were fired from airline Austral Lineas Aereas after a sexy mid-flight selfie session made its way to social media. And it wasn’t the… 410 more words

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