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L'Chaim! The Pilot Whales of the Indian River Lagoon Region


I have been told, that this Yiddish expression, used usually during a toast, means “to life!” I can’t say that I really understand the full essence of the word, as I am not Jewish, but I like the saying very much, and find myself exclaiming  it all the time. 1,098 more words

New Jersey Tuna Fisherman Arrested For Killing Whale With World War II Russian Rifle

There is an amazing story about of New Jersey involving a dead pilot whale with a bullet wound on a beach, a World War II rifle, and some very determined federal investigators. 645 more words


Long Finned Pilot Whale Encounter!

Today we were surrounded by a massive pod of long finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas). It was an amazing sight to see as the rode the massive swell. 112 more words


New Zealand - Nelson, Abel Tasman & Golden Bay

After our few days in Wellington, we boarded the ferry across the ‘Cook straight’ to begin our time in the south island. The ferry was full, so unfortunately we could only find seats inside and in the area with no windows. 817 more words


Follow Up: 140 whales die after getting stranded on New Zealand beach

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) – About 140 pilot whales that stranded themselves on a remote stretch of New Zealand beach have died, but conservation workers and volunteers are hoping the remaining 60 or so will survive after they managed to get them refloated, an official said Saturday. 229 more words


Rescuers save 60 stranded whales on New Zealand beach

Image courtesy of the Department of Conservation (DOC)

Rescuers have saved 60 pilot whales after more than 100 died when they became stranded on a beach in New Zealand. 155 more words


A Short History of Whale Strandings in New Zealand

At the top of the South Island a sandspit stretches out with the wild Tasman Sea on one side and kilometres of mud flats on the other.  2,190 more words