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Raised From the ashes

Believe it or not I made something of myself when no one thought I would. But Im not here to talk about the past Im here to talk about the future right now what my semi normal lifes like you ave no idea what its like to worry about things like guys and shit insted of paying bills what food im going to steal out of a 2nd graders backpack because I was hungry or if I was going to get abused again. 223 more words

Perfumes Sentimentais

Sou daquelas pessoas afetadas por perfumes. Mas não é de qualquer maneira, é coisa irracional do meu ser. Me toca das mais diversas formas. Eu sou daquelas pessoas que têm uma memória inútil, mas os cheiros, esses são todos armazenados e catalogados em algum lugar da mente. 488 more words


Back to the future

Last time I shared a little bit about what happened when I got here, and what it was like. So far it was just normal kid stuff, this was before living in a garage, running away a few times, meeting the people that have shaped my life, and destroyed it. 1,700 more words



Content warning – drugs, suicide, mental health

Since its bipolar disorder day, I should write about my own battle with this illness.

I was first diagnosed with clinical depression at 12, I had started earlier on in my life feeling suicidal, and low. 483 more words



It’s been a rough week, for the last six months. You lost your job and got evicted. Your car’s being repossessed from the impound lot, where it was put after you got picked up for DUI. 1,011 more words


When my Bipolar Starts Speaking in Rhymes

Sometimes I feel a little needy,
But I’d never let it show.
To quench my thirst makes me seem greedy,
I guess you’re not the last to know. 118 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Pepper-upper: Mood Elevators, Drinks, Energy drinks, energy boosters, beverage,pill, energy alertness

Pepper-upper: Is defined as something as a food, beverage or pill that provides quick but temporary period of energy and alertness. What it is? What it contains and what are the affects? 594 more words