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I'm Going To Stop Knocking Myself Out

Sleeping pills are an improvement from several pints of vodka. But it s starting to feel icky because I will definitely run out of pills before I can get another order. 83 more words

Novartis and Rani Therapeutics Seals Collaboration on Robotic Pill

Earlier this week, Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis and U.S.-based, Google Ventures-backed startup Rani Therapeutics announced a collaboration to run trials in the delivery of medication via a “robotic pill”. 120 more words



So, I’ve been AWOL for a couple of days. No particular reason for it, just kinda got stuck in life. Another MRI in June has been scheduled, part of the study I’m in. 131 more words


A Poem About Pills


in my quaking palm


the all

that is nothing

Started with one

to take the edge



     more sent me

                 over the ledge.


It's all down to us

My friend Dee has multiple sclerosis. Her specialist told her not to spend time in the sun, as it’s bad for MS. Then the specialist went… 239 more words


New Specialty Pharmacy Opens in Bakersfield


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There is a new Pharmacy in Bakersfield and it caters to those who need specialized medications.  137 more words

One of the side effects of getting off of drugs...

Roses are red

and very thorny

Stop taking pills and

you get very…happy.