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#3 There's something you need to know...

Most of the people who know me will know about my weird obsession with…. pigs!

I don’t know how or why but I suddenly fell in love with them a while back, vowing one day to have a house full of little baby pigs running around (instead of children, ’cause who wants them?!). 168 more words


Footsore but Fearless

So far, my walking adventures have left me pretty much free of injuries. Unfortunately, over recent months I’ve been having problems with my toenails, which keep getting bruised – not so much from walking per se, but from walking in trail shoes that were first too small and then too big. 728 more words


Where are the pigs bowls...

Sheila my big fat pig still picks up her pigs bowl and takes it to bed with her.  Hiding them. By the time I find it – it is buried in the straw in her hut. 374 more words


7 Interesting Facts About Pigs

  1. Mother Pigs sing to their babies when nursing.
  2. Pigs shower in mud or water to keep cool.
  3. Pigs like to cuddle and sleep nose to nose to one another.
  4. 34 more words

Pig of the Week: I MUSTACHE you a question!

This adorable pig has a spot on his nose that looks oddly similar to….well, a mustache!

Don’t let his mustache fool you!  He’s only four weeks old.   21 more words


Pregnant Pigs?

How do you know when your pig is pregnant?  Well, for a start she will not come into heat again. The signs of heat for the big Hereford Pigs are very obvious but for the Kunekune? 503 more words



By Marrissa Curnette

In 2012, as a favor to a friend, Canadians Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted a three-pound (1.4-kilogram) “mini-pig” named Esther. Or so they thought. 2,052 more words