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Take ONE guess what Piers Morgan's #AskPOTUS health care question was about

One-time CNN host Piers “Musket” Morgan, whose “Piers Morgan Tonight” seemingly turned into a single-minded nightly diatribe against U.S. gun rights after the horrific Sandy Hook massacre, decided to horn in on the president’s Twitter Q&A session today on the Affordable Care Act. 251 more words


The World in Melt Down

What happened to the world, the media is filled with new atrocities every day with regards to ISIS, the tragedies in France, Kuwait and Tunisia are truly disgusting as are those happening in Syria. 243 more words


Talking Arsène

I work in software development with a team of developers located in Shenzhen, China. Most of our developers select a Western name. It’s done partly to make it easy for us lazy Americans, but also because it’s fun. 477 more words



Wow! Coming from a country that invented modern day democracy, Piers Morgan sure doesn’t like the freedom of the Magna Carta, nor our constitution.

Do as I say, believe as I believe, obey me, or I’ll throw your ass in jail. 102 more words


Stern Out Of 'AGT'

It’s a wrap for Howard Stern on  “America’s Got Talent” after just four seasons.  NBC really accomadated Stern being on the show by moving the live episodes from Los Angeles to New York.   78 more words


The 'N' Word?


Hey dickhead! What about the black people that say it?

Real Americans don’t give a shit what you limey journalists think.