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Selling dragons


You’ve inherited the family business: selling baby dragons, as pets, to the world’s wealthiest people..

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Picture Prompt #7

By now, most of you know the drill: Select any or all pictures and write about whatever inspires you! Is there a made-up newspaper or magazine article in one of these pics? 34 more words


From out of the rolling waves

From out of the rolling waves came a creature I had not seen before…

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Keep on peddling.

As the character kept on peddling. Time started to travel backwards.

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Earth is a fairytale


“Where are you from?” he asked. Shaking, I pointed to the globe. “Earth?” his eyes widened, “You’re from Earth!? But it’s a fairy tale!” He paused and looked at me like he had never seen something like me before and breathed, “How did you get here?”

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