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#PBReview - How to Cheer Up Dad by Fred Koehler

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How to Cheer Up Dad by Fred Koehler

How to Cheer Up Dad… 128 more words

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The Aunties Three by Nick Bland

The Aunties Three take a visit one day to see their nieces and nephew.

These Aunties Three are bossy, demanding and really quite painful – so when the children do the things that are asked of them, they end up as disasters for the aunties and turn into funny situations for the children. 46 more words

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The Wonder

Templar Publishing

For each of my kids I chose a book that would be their special book to keep and read often as they grow. Recently, when I was searching for a book for my newborn son, a friend showed me this. 426 more words

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Did you know that the modern turtle’s ancestors date back more than 220 million years? Hummingbirds are the only bird that can fly backward! Have you heard that a cheetah can reach a speed of 64 miles/104 kilometers per hour? 114 more words

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Day vs. Night

I have never been a night person. Oh, I managed to fake it for a few years in high school and college, but I have long given up any desire to try to be anything other than a morning person. 200 more words

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