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Tau Day

Good evening, Brie. It’s Monday.

It is also  one day after Tau Day, which is something I had never heard of until today. Tau is double Pi (6.28 when expressed in three digits, but, like pi, it goes on forever). 247 more words

Real Life


I found this Squirrel eat Squirrel game on my raspberry pi so I modified it to make it difficult and considerable more stupid. Also sound effects but video didn’t pick them up. 49 more words


How do we know an irrational number never repeats?

We know 13,300,000,000,000 decimal places for but how to we know that it is an irrational number, that means, how do we know it isn’t a… 398 more words


Tau Day!!!

Hey guys, Daniel here with some news. Some of you may not know, but I’M A COMPLETE MATH NERD (ya, I know, I don’t do all caps or call myself a nerd very often). 106 more words


Happy Tau day!

Since the kids are just back from a week of camping, and consequently a little tired, I thought we’d do a fun Tau day project. Turned out that we got a little sidetracked on a little geometry point. 455 more words