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March 2015: 5 Things

1. Easily my favorite animated Disney movie. Ever.  The story of Cinderella graces the big screen once more in this live action version. In what looks like a cross between the classic animated feature and Drew Barrymore’s own interpretation, I can only hope that this film captures the same magic and enchantment that made the original a classic. 228 more words


Microscopy - with added Pi

tl:dr :  I hacked open an intel QX3 toy microscope, replaced the crummy sensor with a Picamera, installed RPI_cam_web_interface on it and now have a wireless electronic microscope that you can control using a web interface.   1,437 more words

Playful Math Snacks for March 2015

Teachers and other math nerds are preparing to celebrate an epic Pi Day on 3/14/15. Unfortunately, the activities I see on teacher blogs and Pinterest don’t include much actual math. 245 more words


PI Day Countdown #2 - PI and the Egyptians

The Ancient Egyptians were great monument builders and stone workers. With ingenuity and determination they were able to build the only surviving monument of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza or “Khufu’s” pyramid. 147 more words


Why do I borrow?

My father was a traditional businessman – very conservative in his approach. He never borrowed in his life as borrowing was considered a taboo in the times that he grew up. 457 more words


Pi Day Countdown

Dear readers

H! This is WuFeng and I would like to talk about Pi. Pi, 3.14159… is one of the oldest and most famous mathematical constants known to humanity. 125 more words