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I am grateful: Day 22

I’m grateful … that my injury is finally improving.

I’ve been to the physio 11 times now that I got a new loyalty card again. I’ve been quite down because I was so afraid that I’d have to go get an MRI which costs quite a fair bit as well as it means more appointments and scans which makes me feel like my injury is a lot worse than it feels. 167 more words

Targets and other Torments

I’ve written on the blog many times before about the sense of weight and guilt that comes with Boo’s enormous long list of therapy goals. We have targets for physio, SALT, and OT not to mention our own private goals for Boo. 947 more words

My first steps look a little like this..

When you think about your spine you don’t always realise just how important it is. You take small things for granted. Walking, bending to pick something up, getting dressed, fetching something from the kitchen or just getting up out of bed. 1,126 more words

What's Wrong With The APS? Everything!

So there I was, minding my own business, and all of the sudden the super sneaky APTA decides to try and ruin my perfect empire. It’s taken years to establish my business model and now they bring in this shit? 815 more words

Physical Therapy

Why is my footwear important?

Supportive footwear is a must in pregnancy. Your body releases a hormone called Relaxin which is thought to increase the laxity in your joints to allow your body adapt to pregnancy (extra weight and changes to your centre of gravity). 352 more words


Dr Cool Wrap

I have always wanted convinient treatment on my injury to be eversince I’m involve in Crossfit. There is no such things of no injuries in exercise. 186 more words


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