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The lost nuclear fusion reactor design?

Robert Bussard, one of the giants of the field, claimed to his dying day he had cracked the problem

Above: a homemade “fusor” similar to the… 534 more words


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The Polywell isn't "lost." Just not handled right. Some of us are working to change that.

Does Everything Move at the Speed of Light?

I have a friend who once explained to me his way of understanding spacetime, and what Einstein discovered about it, which was to start with the idea that, as he put it, “everything is traveling at c,” and proceed from there. 540 more words


The 'shape' of atoms have been wrongly assigned - science in turmoil?

Moeraki round boulders

Scientists have sometimes always assumed that element atoms were round – they were wrong! Latest research published today by the renowned Academia Physics Research International London, has scientifically proven that atoms are in fact… 363 more words


Science Book a Day Interviews Johnjoe McFadden

Special thanks to Johnjoe McFadden for answering 5 questions about the book he co-authored, which has recently been featured – Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology… 698 more words


the physicist

There is no heartbeat like this one, of seventy in a minute, hung like a Rembrandt on a wall inside of me. In a 4am diner telephone booth. 1,087 more words

SR #11: Simultaneous, Not!

Last time our friend Al used lasers and timers to create a regular grid-like map of the space and time near him. The map allowed him to assign… 1,345 more words


March 31 - What's Up Doc?

Today’s factismal: The shortest total eclipse of the Moon in a century will happen on Saturday morning.

Quick – what are you doing way too early on Saturday morning? 445 more words