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Fighting That Which Doesn't Exist

I have used my imagination to create the unusual meeting between Judas and the resurrected Christ as both an exercise in theological reflection and as a literary device to involve the reader.  

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Christian Faith

Does The Moon Really Control The Tides? It’s commonly...

Does The Moon Really Control The Tides?

It’s commonly thought that the moon controls the tides, but is there anything else that plays a part?

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Self Knowledge 74 – (response to Satsang question about "All is One") & a “Self-Realization” Satsang

When aspiring , we choose to be one with the Perfect One.   In Reality, such is always the case. On the level of deeds, actions, & how you conduct your life, you have a choice. 472 more words


Hair Misbehaves.

Hair misbehaves compulsively,
Our confirmation of chaotic entropy.


Zheng-Yu Wang’s thesis on ESR


Near-Field Optics
  • Far-field microscope: the field source and field collector are placed far away from the observed object in comparison to the wavelength of the field source.
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Einstein's Proof of E=mc²

Ever wonder how Einstein proved E=mc²? This is how. 24 more words