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Matter Waves

Since light was discovered to have the properties of both a wave and a particle, Louis de Broglie investigated whether electrons, which were thought to be particles, could also behave like waves. 92 more words


Compton Scattering

Unlike in the photoelectric effect, only part of a photon’s energy is transferred to an electron in Compton scattering. According to the classical theory of electromagnetism, when an electromagnetic wave is incident on an electron, the electron will oscillate with the same frequency as the wave and then will radiate more electromagnetic waves of the same frequency. 135 more words


Spotting the Difference ....

From my personal thoughts I have always felt spotting the difference between objects, work, books and etc it is exactly like comparing and sometimes contrasting between the two objects. 475 more words

The Photoelectric Effect

Monochromatic light is shone on a clean metal surface that is positively charged. Some electrons are excited with enough energy to reach a negatively charged metal plate. 302 more words


Leaving University.

So, put as simply as possible, I am leaving University.

Don’t get me wrong – I still love the University, the course and the area Brighton itself. 277 more words


Afterthoughts re Human Connection

Connection with other human beings, and even with the human race, is at first an unconscious phenomena.  With significant others we spend the rest of our lives finding out what these unconscious needs were and then we never find them out completely.   196 more words

Mental Health

It's here ... Finally 

It’s Friday, I’ve waited so long so this day. This week has dragged on for months. As soon as I go home I’m kicking off my shoes and watching Netflix. 151 more words

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