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Friends with Benefits

Why do we keep doing this thing?

It’s driving me insane.

Dancing around the borders

of what is so plain.

Let’s take it to the next level… 44 more words


Nesting Spinor

“A spinor visualized as a vector pointing along the Möbius band, exhibiting a sign inversion when the circle (the “physical system”) is rotated through a full turn of 360°” – … 144 more words


Charcoal Chimney

Today will be the very first time that I will be preparing a grill in my life. So, in order to not make a fool out of myself (because I’m 22 years old and have never done it before), I did some research on how to light up charcoal properly. 400 more words


Apollo missions: Apollo 7

Before I start to talk about Apollo 7 I will try to explain why I skiped 2,3,4,5,6.
The reason is that before Apollo 1 there were not piloted missions: AS-201, AS-202 and AS-203 and they were renamed to Apollo 1A (wifes of dead astronauts did not wish to Apollo 1 name be used again), Apollo 2, Apollo 3 so next not piloted mission was called Apollo 4. 292 more words

Electromagnetic Radiation Paul Andersen details the waves in...

Electromagnetic Radiation

Paul Andersen details the waves in electromagnetic radiation. There is an inverse relation between the wavelength and frequency of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic radiation includes gamma rays, x-rays, infrared lights, visible light, uv light, microwaves and radio waves.

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Autopsie d'une cotutelle inopérante/Autopsy of a non-functional dual degree

Ayant appris à Theory Canada l’existence d’une cotutelle passée entre l’Université du Manitoba et l’Université du Minnesota au niveau doctoral en physique, je m’étais demandé ce qu’il y avait dans cette cotutelle qui ne fonctionnait pas. 1,201 more words