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Continued: Bodies II

So if you are not your body what are you? I think this is where most people get confused and shy away.

What are you if you are not this physical form that you have believe yourself to be this entire lifetime? 495 more words


I’m having a lot of interesting conversations with myself lately about bodies. What are bodies? Some people think they are bodies. I would say most people think they are their bodies. 193 more words

Where I need my mind to be...

It’s been a while since I have been for a decent run. I popped into the gym at the hotel where I was staying and got in a short half hour workout. 91 more words


All That Remains

Her eyes are of the fairest blue

Her lips the deepest red

Locks of perfect golden hair

fall neatly round her head

The mirror is her closest friend… 185 more words


age and other false concepts

Humans make comments. But they stay here for a very very very short time. in that time frame historically it has been very intense. and i think the intensity is not over, but the idea of the kind of intensity and what means.. 134 more words

On Quarters, and On Beer

When I first heard about our field trip to Quarters, I’ll have to admit to the wave of relief that passed through me upon learning I was free to buy the beer needed to carry me through the night.   879 more words


Anniversary Looming

Now that the calendar pages have turned to May, I feel it—the looming anniversary. I wake up already aware, with some sort of internal alarm clock, that soon it will be six months since Mike stepped off this earthly plane and moved on to wherever he felt he needed to be. 376 more words

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