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Every day is a new beginning....

When I started writing this blog, it was mainly to focus on three things; to address the stigma of mental illness; to remind myself and others about the fundamental links between mental and physical health, and to help myself relax and be more positive about life.   573 more words


Teens affected by divorce 'more likely to have health issues'

Teens affected by divorce ‘more likely to have health issues’

Scientists at Stockholm University found teenagers whose parents divorced were more susceptible to psychosomatic health problems, with girls and those living with one parent more at risk.

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Stability With Schizophrenia and Updates

It’s been awhile since I posted.  Some updates and randomness are in order.  With spring being in full effect now, I’ve been outdoors and exercising every day.   428 more words

Physical Health And Mental Health

The Thrill is Still Here

Recently the media has broken out in frenzy about legendary blues artist B. B. King and his failing health. It is no secret that B.B. King has been dealing with diabetes and has had medical issues that we could say is to be expected from a person who is  living  as long as he is. 481 more words

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