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Hello there everyone…anyone!!!

I have been attempting to write quite an important personal recovery/life update over the past couple of days…but struggling as to how exactly to say it/word it and put it out there…you know once you say something…its REAL. 487 more words


Are you even trying to get better??

This is a video called ” If Physical Health Problems Were Treated Like Mental Health Problems” also known as “Are You Even Trying To Get Better?” It is absolutely Brilliant and funny and gets the point across in such an obvious, duh, “oh my god why didn’t I realize this before” way, everyone needs to see this and internalize this! 79 more words


Virtual workout buddy, anyone?

I joined a gym three weeks ago. . .and. . .have. . .only. . .gone. . .twice. Yes, that is right, I’ve only gone twice. I MUST go, I NEED to go, I WANT to go, but when the moment of that day arrives, I just cannot get myself up and motivated to actually do it. 134 more words

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