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Treating a sprained limb - Austin Foenander

Small accidents and physical damage during life are inevitable, and some injuries are more common than others. Spraining a limb is high on the list of injuries most likely to occur, principally because it is so easy to do. 417 more words


I Lost My Eye In An Accident, So Why Is It Giving Me These Horrific Visions?: Part I

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened that night. I thought I had a fairly good idea of how it would all go down. Just moments ago, I’d dismissed my friends to continue their bar crawl somewhere else. 4,993 more words

Health Risks of Pornography

Pornography is not a new phenomenon; however with today’s technology, it’s becoming easier to access.

Men and women alike are being sucked into this cultural norm, whether it’s by reading or watching  742 more words



There’s a two inch long indent on the back of my skull directly behind my right ear. To describe the moment of impact, I offer an altered re-enactment which you should be able to find less inconceivable.

619 more words

Personal Auto vs. Commercial Auto when Snow Plowing

The first snowfall of the year has arrived! If you plow during the winter months with your personal vehicle, it is time to get the plowing gear ready. 227 more words


Hadiya the Werehippo

EDIT: (10.10.14) – Zane Kinney did a really cool concept piece using Hadiya. Fear the hippo!

EDIT (10.9.14) – A little feed back and a little more thought later I’ve changed a little about the way Hadiya works. 279 more words

Wild Star: Warrior Build Guide


What exactly is a warrior? “Armed to the teeth and fearlessly wading into battle with multiple enemies, warriors are unstoppable juggernauts of brutality and combat! 2,334 more words