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Loving and hating Thailand 

so the 3rd leg of our honeymoon sees us in Phuket where the weather is blisteringly hot and the food is amazingly good. Like, regardless of what TripAdvisor says, most cafes/restaurants will serve really decent yummy food just because this is a nation that gets good cooking and good food. 249 more words


Phuket Travel Guide

Phuket, which at one time was called Talang, is the largest island off the coast of Thailand and the west coast of the Andaman Sea. About the size of Singapore, it is connected to the mainland by two bridges. 554 more words


Mariner of the Seas - 5 Nights on the Andaman Seas: Part 3

After 2 days of being out at sea, we finally reached our first destination: Phuket!

I had never been to Phuket before, but the photos on Google (and by friends on holiday) were stunning. 526 more words

Penguin Travelleth

Vegetarian Festival, one of the most spectacular (& loudest) event in Thailand

October 2014, Phuket Town, Thailand.

tip: If you want to see it REMEMBER to protect your camera, ears and eyes,  also you need to wear long trousers and blouse (only white color) 21 more words

Phi Phi Island. I'm in LOVE!

On vacation in Thailand. Currently living in paradise with the best of friends!

AKA Founder Javier Mendez Visits AKA Thailand

Construction at AKA Thailand felt like an eternity, I couldn’t wait for the facilities to be ready to start shooting more then just construction. During construction, the famed AKA trainer Javier Mendez flew in to meet with Mike and go over ideas for the AKA Thailand project. 18 more words