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Chinese Sentences and Phrases, Lesson 3.5

That was today’s dramatic, perhaps overly so, greeting to all you good things out there in that magical ether of delight and quite often disgust known as the Internet! 430 more words

"Molon Labe!" or, "Why I can't get a tattoo"

As the Persian empire bore down on the Hot Gates of Thermopylae, an envoy called out to the 300 Spartans standing in opposition, commanding them to lay down their weapons and surrender. 633 more words


Lovely Newly Learned Phrase

I love podcasts. On one of them, two brothers were talking about the stars and the universe and they used this phrase to describe its overwhelming size: 54 more words

Ignorance Is Bliss

This seems to be a very popular saying but I don’t think people understand what it means. Ignorance isn’t a state of mind like a lot of people believe. 445 more words

General Knowledge

Random Short Phrases - 短いフレーズ(ランダム)


It’s now or never.

I’m on your side.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I was touched.
感動した。 心にひびいた。
*I was so touched by your letter. 118 more words

Example Sentences

Post a Quote Challenge (Day 3)

Hello Everyone,

I am on the final day of the Post A Quote Challenge. Thanks to both Kate M. Colby & Zach Chopchinski for simultaneously thinking of me in this instance. 122 more words

Journey Of 1000 Miles

Post a Quote Challenge (Day 2)

Hello Everyone,

I am on day two of the Post A Quote Challenge. I’m sure everyone will want to thank both Kate M. Colby & … 139 more words

Journey Of 1000 Miles