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Hosting your Symfony application in HostingCrab

In this series of post we will explain how to upload your application to Hosting Crab. The Symfony framework is well known and is widely supported by HostingCrab, php support and all modules it needs. 579 more words

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configure: error: libjpeg.(a|so) not found

While configuring php in a server, I got the following error.

configure: error: libjpeg.(a|so) not found.

My configure option contain the following option for jpeg… 24 more words

How to Reorder Product Tabs

If you want to reorder product tabs, you can do this according to you wish as you want, just add the below code to your function. 67 more words


IT training and IT Internship

Technigally provides 4 months Job Oriented IT training program in PHP, Java, Mobile Apps, Testing.

In this program first 2 months will be the classroom training in which the students are trained with industry oriented knowledge of PHP, Java, Mobile Apps and Testing . 86 more words


Chosen regenerate value





$(‘select’).html(‘<option value=”123″>Updated Value Option</option><option value=”456″>Updated Value Option</option>’);



Gruda Group

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Определяем категорию по товару в битрикс

Мне часто попадаются нестандартные задачи. Одной из таких, была эта. Нужно было сдлеать ссылки для каталога и товаров разными: /catalog/category-name/, а товара: /product/product-name/. Задача была решена, но в результате меню перестало раскрываться при переходи на товар и не понятно где ты сейчас. 139 more words