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Colour codes

Finding a colour you like is easy but what isn’t easy is matching the colour on Photoshop.

Colours have a code and a name, although the colour name may not always be known it is best to find the colour code, having the code makes it is easier to find the exact colour the client wants on Photoshop for example: #9400d3 or #daa520. 56 more words


Nathan and Arvo

My friend Nathan and I went on a walk with his son, who wore a gnome outfit.

Peter Glanting

Art History in Contemporary Life Alexey Kondakov

Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov takes figures from classical and historical artworks and photoshops them into modern every day life, thus creating his ongoing series “Art History in Contemporary Life”.


via [Supersonic][Colossal]

Art And Artist

Day 22: My mockups are so fire, I'M SIGNING MYSELF UP FOR THE WAIT LIST

STATUS: I spent a few hours putting together a mockup that actually doesn’t look like shit!



I’m tired and don’t have much to say (I sleep 4-5 hours now on the weekdays; I used to get 9. 77 more words

Daily Life of Gods

Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov creates these wonderful mash-ups from classical paintings and street scenes in Kiev. In his series “The Daily Life of Gods” he photoshops cherubs, angels, goddesses, and historical figures into images of public transport, cafes and city streets.


Sandwich Time

Our week 2 Design Showcase in VIC 5325 was to create a BLT sandwich graphic for Albert’s Grille.

Here’s the final product:

            I chose to use a yellow checkered background to have contrast between the plate and its background. 248 more words