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Let Me Show You My Rocks!

Photography 101: Day Four: Bliss and Captions:

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven.

This is my bliss:

Being present, witness too, involved in the passing                                                 Of love                                                                                                                                   for Planet Earth, Science, Nature ,                                                                                     … 173 more words

Self Disclosure

Even though is a lovely day and it’s less hot then yesterday, my period arrived today and grounded my to bed… Anyways, there’s no rule that says we can’t look fabulous while sick 😜

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Bliss in Ozarks' Winter

From the maple, a blue jay zooms down to the feeder. Somebody said, “Snow!”

Weatherman was right! But this is a small helping compared to New England. 97 more words


My Mom spoilt me with flowers when I arrived to Colombia. She’s such a sweetie!

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Guardian Readers' travel photography competition: February – weather

The weather in the UK is notoriously variable – please see these images to appreciate the beauty of a fleeting glimpse of spectacular weather.


Review concert: As It Is + Trophy Eyes + Trash Boat + Off Red @ Le Batofar (05.03.15)

Après un début d’année riche en annonces fracassantes et en bonnes nouvelles, c’est au Batofar, petite salle parisienne que nous aimons et connaissons tous, que nous retrouvons les jeunes Anglais de… 969 more words


Goats' cheese and chocolate - creative cheese making in Grenada

I admit it’s  not something I would have come up with, goats cheese and honey, yes, goats cheese and hibiscus flowers, maybe, goats cheese and lavender, well why not, but cheese and chocolate, well I don’t know. 78 more words