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Dark Heritage

I have searched for new or different things to photograph and found some things that concerned me, so I am going to start another category called “Dark Heritage” since our children and grandchildren will be inheriting both the good… 389 more words


Simple but Colorful Dilemma

Since I haven’t been taking many pictures lately, I have been using my time to try to decide what I’d like to do when it warms up next spring.  328 more words


environmental portraiture


i have a staring problem. i’m just so interested in what people decide to dress in, surround themselves with. it’s not a judgmental stare, it’s sincere intrigue. 51 more words

All On Board With Minimalism

A minimalist on board a Florida yacht finds a cool drink and some shade and not much else beneath her big round hat. 61 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Black & White

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” -Ansel Adams

Black and white photography has come to have almost a negative stigma around it as some type of easy way to create better photographs. 345 more words

What Wedding Photography Style do you like?

Let’s talk about wedding photography styles.

 So, what Wedding Photography Style do you like?

To begin with, there are three main styles in wedding photography today, Traditional, Photojournalistic and Contemporary. 655 more words

Wedding Photographer

Hello again!

It has been so incredibly long since I have posted anything. My personal life has been a little needy lately. I have contemplated blogging about that but I am unsure if I want some of that information out for the world to see. 319 more words

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