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002 - Hazy Morning

I woke up this morning and something just clicked in my head. I was thinking more freely, creatively and I was in an amazing mood! I couldn’t quite get my head around how one person can be in such a brilliant mood, even at such early hours in the morning – on my day off! 89 more words


001 - The Seed

So it is the start of my photography project, where I take a photo every day for a year. Todays inspiration came from while I was outside doing yoga in the spring sunshine today. 148 more words


Photographic Inspiration: Candida Höfer

During the stress of trying to get work in on time, I’m looking at Interior photographers who take photographs of the inside of buildings.
I came across the work of Candida Höfer. 100 more words


Carpe diem! Drive the Dodge Charger! Buy the Boots!

“What car do you currently drive?” asked the Enterprise employee.

Denise:  “A Hyundai Sonata.  I’m fine with a small rental car.”

Enterprise employee:  “I can get you in a Dodge Charger.” 657 more words

Big Bertha's Adventures

lately, school has been managable...

In efforts to dissolve my Feburary/March downspiral, I’ve been making consiounce efforts to better myself through the art of alcohol.

Kidding. But I’ve been convincing myself school as been slow for me (well, it kind of has…) and taking any excuse to go out and socialize like mad. 96 more words