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I am not afraid of you

I have waited on the bare island of no dream for so long, expecting the golden fruit to turn into diamond and start to sing when exposed to the perfect light. 241 more words

Snapmatic Pictures From Grand Theft Auto V

When we’re taking a break from the usual carnage of GTA Online I like to take time out to snap photographs, particularly of our vehicles and action shots when we’re occasionally not under heavy machine gun fire. 67 more words

Grand Theft Auto

Saint Scholastica

Buckfast Abbey in Devon is a Benedictine Order of Monks. Saint Benedict is attributed with inspiring the building of Monte Casino in Italy and thereafter hundreds of other Christian places of worship throughout Europe. 66 more words



Photographs shot with a Fujifilm X30 mirrorless camera.  Simplicity is defined as “The quality of being simple or uncompounded”.  Restraint.

Images are wonderfully complex in their simplicity:  one single image can tell an entire story.  25 more words


An unexpected side to horror: Tuol Sleng and Choeung Ek

A regime that forced people into labour camps and turned its city’s into ghost settlements.

A regime under which wearing glasses could have you tortured, and most likely, killed. 688 more words