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116 The Right Light

The right light = the golden hour

The 30 minutes before and after the sunset.  I had a lot of gray clouds where the sun was setting so I wasn’t sure how I was going to capture anything today.   93 more words


Very Much in Denial

Happy Saturday!

What? No, I don’t believe that today’s really Sunday.

If it were Sunday, that would mean I missed my A to Z post yesterday. 217 more words

A To Z Challenge

Day 15 - In the air

So today’s prompt was in the air.. I captured this photo the other day while sitting in a traffic jam just outside Heathrow airport. This is the busiest airport in the UK so you see a number of flights and planes going over your head. 40 more words


The Real Question for Today

Well, what do you think?

Happy Easter, holiday, Sunday, spring, and/or whatever else you wish to apply to today!

Rambling On...

Be awesome, be the cupcake

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.”~Mahatma Gandhi, Indian leader

“Cute” was the theme of this past month. 278 more words


93 - In the Garage

I don’t have a garage but the vocational school where I work has a lot of them!  I used my super fish-eye lens from PhotoJoJo. 6 more words