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Babies, over-sharing, comparing & connectedness.

Babies. Oh, babies. So much of your life growing up, going through high school & college (for some/most people) has nothing to do with babies. And then all of a sudden it has everything to do with life. 794 more words

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Pasture improvement is slow and steady

The sheep are doing a pretty decent job.  As much as we fret about how terrible and sparse our pasture is, right now the sheep cannot eat as fast as new growth comes in, and that’s from all their stompyfoot and grazing and pooping.   102 more words



I’m writing this post from Singapore (aka The Motherland) whilst hiding in my air conditioned room trying to get over my jetlag at 2am in the morning. 158 more words

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More randomness.

I can feel another random post coming soon. But I’ve just been way too busy to think of what to write recently. I’ve been cramming my days full of awesome fun things & people because it feels like so many of them are just about to leave. 138 more words

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In Memoriam

Every photojournalist has to cover funerals occasionally, but it’s always toughest when it’s a friend. Today I photographed the memorial service and burial of a friend who left this world well before his time. 210 more words

Photo Posts

[Seriously can't think of a title].

As it happens after I haven’t written in a while, I have a very random train of thoughts swirling around my head. So I need to get them out & down on paper (well, the electronic version at least). 1,166 more words