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Lambing season is over, Black N Tan gave us boy/girl twins

The girl is dark blackish like Ripley (Grey’s girl) and the boy is paler, almost as light as Badgerface’s Toph.  Black N Tan lambed about 2:30pm, as we were heading out for an errand.   84 more words


The new lambs Sokka (boy) and Toph (girl)

They are very leggy and fawn-colored and look more like small deer than lambs.  But Badgerface’s twins Scottie and Dottie were very leggy last year, so that seems to be her thing. 31 more words


Live lamb pictures!

Grey did have a living lamb, also black moorit, walking around and hanging out as lambs do.  Best guess is that this lamb is also about 8-9lbs.   72 more words


Postmortem pictures (WARNING DEAD LAMB PICTURES)

Just skip this post if seeing a dead lamb is upsetting.  These pictures are for our records.  The lamb was a ram lamb, black moorit, about 8lbs, so a hefty little guy.  Alas.



I love it when people from home come to visit because I get to bring them to my favourite places, providing me with a perfect excuse to take a break from studying. 50 more words

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Sun sun sun


Featuring Brent Lin.

Our first and last trip down to the beach before Brent graduates.

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Analog Part I.

This year, I lost touch with film for a little bit. I only finished a roll this semester but I realized that this roll contained most of the highlights of the past 4 months.  33 more words

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