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Extra Curricular Phonics Classes

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

As of  Monday the 25th of May, teacher Andrew and I will be teaching after school phonics classes here at Varee Chiangmai School. 205 more words

Teacher Chaz

10 Easy Ways to Build Your Child’s Phonemic Awareness

Understanding that words are made up of individual sounds is the very first step towards becoming a reader. Children who have developed a fundamental understanding of this will have a much easier time learning to read printed words. 546 more words

Encouraging Reading

Punch Out the Beginning Sounds! Free PDF

I’m so excited to share my first free PDF with you! Montessori activities for teaching literacy are amazing. Montessori Methods incorporates knowledge and needs of the child at every stage of development while doing so, she provided for teachers a sequence of activities that are developmentally appropriate in all areas of academic, emotional, social, and spiritual development. 832 more words


Superhero spelling

Today some of the children have been making simple words using the magnetic letters. Can you read the words at home to an adult?


Four Methods for Teaching Phonics

Abstract: This essay discusses three alternatives to Synthetic Phonics Instruction: Analytic Phonics Instruction, Analogy-Based Phonics Instruction, and Embedded Phonics Instruction. Definitions and examples are given for each method, and the different strategies are compared to each other. 807 more words

School Assignments

Full speed ahead with total privatisation, thanks to @Ed_Milliband.

Back a bit, when JFK had thrown a tantrum about Russia beating the USA into Space, we had all sorts of mad educationalists given free rein to re-invent Education. 289 more words


Legality Is Not Reality - Legal Name Fraud Experience & Discussion

Legal Name Fraud: Round Table Chats

Evolve Quest Radio brings you an extension of Legal Name Fraud Radio~!
In this weekly show we have round table chats where we investigate the legality false reality, & those who perpetuate it. 82 more words