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Phonics for Phundamentalists

How can conservative religious people save their children from a monstrously hypertrophied public school system? In the pages of the Christian Post, Paul de Vries offers a few suggestions… 360 more words

Bible And Prayer In The Classroom


After reading the Kenyan letters and their questions today was our day to write some questions.

First we went on a question mark and full stop hunt in the secret garden. 290 more words

Early Years


First week back on my final teaching placement in Early Years. Haven’t even finished planning next week yet….numeracy, literacy, phonics….exhausted.

If one more person says “All reception do is play all day” I will happily stuff their heads in my caterpillar jar.


Idea of the day!

This was so much fun and great for those children who are often a struggle to engage with phonics.

Hang up balloons with different letters on and fill a bag with objects. 63 more words


Phonemes, phonics, phonemic awareness—what’s the difference?

A phoneme is the smallest sound in a spoken language. There are 42 in American English, according to some experts, but more if regional pronunciations are considered. 240 more words

Reading Readiness.

My Jack and the Reading Bug

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Jack, he was what his mum referred to as ‘a typical boy’ spirited, a little hard to tame and never ever still. 379 more words


Schools working together, taking ownership

I am training some nursery teachers this weekend, but this training has been organised a little differently. Here, I have found that nursery schools are very competitive and don’t really work together. 292 more words