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Avoidance Practices: Staying Off My Dreck List

A pile of ironing has been sitting out in our home for over three days now.  I am responsible for doing it, but somehow I mysteriously hadn’t noticed the places where Gorgeous left it for me. 944 more words


Wedding Catering

Planning a wedding can be an exciting time in your engagement, but it can also be filled with frustrations as you look at the list of things that need to be taken care of. 446 more words

Pro: Customer service phone calls

Do you ever feel a bit sad when you have to hang up on a wonderful customer service agent at the end of a call? Have you ever had to spend 3+ hours on a technical call with a company and felt a lot of positivity in the interaction? 451 more words


23 Seconds

23 seconds was all it took. It was only 23 measly seconds and I fell for you all over again. I had forgotten how utterly perfect you sound when you need something from me. 257 more words


✾ About the phone calls...

Ok. I hate it.

I hate that you have to go to a different room or just walk away from me so I don’t listen to your phone calls. 212 more words

Relationship Issues

1, 2, 3....3 Weeks is Too Long

Well, it’s definitely been a while, and a busy while at that!  I am coming up on 34 weeks pregnant and have never valued easy breathing more in my life!  2,411 more words

Blended Family

Google Voice vs. Skype: The cheapest way to make overseas calls from the US

This post originally appeared at Map Happy.

In which we pit the two heavyweights, Google Voice and Skype, against each other. And though Skype is known for its cheap phone calls, it’s really Google Voice that has the best rates. 401 more words