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As Lady Liberty

“Marilyn, we’re leaving!” my younger sister Katie called from the top of the stairs.

     “Almost ready!” I called back.

     I was sitting at my arts and crafts desk in the basement putting the finishing touches on my homemade pro-life t-shirt. 876 more words

Short Stories

Apples & Guns

Phoenix, Arizona

Kara gets very frustrated whenever she hears gun advocates compare gun violence to auto deaths in defense of their points of view.

In her opinion, several things are required before you get behind a steering wheel: you have to take a test, get a drivers license, get automobile insurance and then obey all traffic laws. 91 more words

Three-Legged Dogs and the Unexpected Blindness of Love

Gunther makes a cameo appearance in The Secret Kingdom. This performance became part of our routine whenever it was time to feed the dog. 171 more words

Author Notes

Views Of Fernie : Canada Day

The change in location for the Canada Day festival was a smart idea. At first I thought “What’s up with that?” because we all fear change…but the Fernie Aquatic Centre had much more going for it. 158 more words

Fernie BC


<Thursday immediately following work>
It doesn’t happen often that I desire to be devoured by a stranger’s eyes. Good thing too because I can’t fathom how to efficiently handle the emotion. 265 more words


Day 3

Dear X,

I still haven’t cried, and I think that’s a good thing.  I hope it’s a good thing.

Last night I stayed up late chatting with  one of our friends.  775 more words


COTD 03.07.15: Soap Opera...

Today’s COTD is XVI Omens

Confusion and drama are upon you today.  Something may happen that is so unexpected it may take your breath away and leave you flabbergasted. 59 more words