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Different languages (and no translation)

“I love you and maybe I didn’t say it or show it the way you wanted. I’ll give you that. But at least I never lied to you, pretended to be something I am not. 49 more words

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising Jelly Bands & The 600

When our chapter applied for the Granger Grant we wanted to use some of the money we were allocated to make our chapter some further funds so that we could carry on doing good work beyond the Suspended Coffee campaign (more on that to come soon). 387 more words


Review | Lush | Phoenix Rising

My lovely friend Libby (Gingerbreadbuttons.com) gifted me the Phoenix Rising bath bomb from Lush for my birthday and I thought I would save it for an occasion whereby I would be in desperate need for it. 145 more words

Up From the Ashes

I despise weakness in myself. The one thing I’d always been able to count on was my strength of will. I would find that even my strength had its limits though. 380 more words

Surviving Child Abuse

A Baker's Dozen of Inspirational Quotes

When you are a victim of a narcissist you end up in a very negative place.

Once filled with optimism you feel you have lost faith and hope in ever finding happiness, of ever having dreams come true again in your life. 798 more words


Heart set free

“For such a long time I blamed you for not fighting for me, for us, for not giving me the movie ending where you rush to meet me on the beach at sunset and poetically declare your undying love in sonnet form (or burst into ballad with your guitar). 46 more words

Phoenix Rising