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15 Signs You Are Basically Phoebe Buffay

1. You’re not afraid to ask for what you want.

2. You’re a lover, not a fighter.

3. But that doesn’t mean you won’t lay down the law when necessary. 132 more words

The One if F.R.I.E.N.D.S. had Social Media

So I was just passing time scrolling through one of my favourite websites BuzzFeed. That website/app just makes me laugh. If you’re not on board with it already, DO IT NOW!!! 115 more words


I am Monica Geller

media credits: tumblr

To be honest, Phoebe Buffay is ranked as my most favourite f.r.i.e.n.d.s character. However, recently I realised that I’m more like Monica Geller. 107 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Just How Similar Are 'Friends' Phoebe and Ursula?

#Friends Phoebe Vs. Ursula: These Very Different Twins Actually Do Have Some Things In Common http://t.co/C5MzYABhFJ via @bustle

— Allyson Koerner (@AllysonKoerner) April 3, 2015

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Katie's Guide to First Dates

Oh, dating. It is so exciting, thrilling, scary, and nauseating all at the same time. As a single, there really is no greater feeling than actually having someone ask you on a date-even if it is through a text message (I hate our generation). 940 more words


WMW: 10 things we learnt from Rachel, Monica & Phoebe

Hit US sitcom ‘Friends’ recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. For 10 seasons we followed the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross as they went from “a bunch of twenty-somethings in a coffee house” to “a bunch of thirty-somethings in a coffee house”. 703 more words

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