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हुँ यात्री म एउटा

– सन्जोग ठकुरी

केहि दिन अघि डाक्टर सा’पलाई आफ्नो ढाड दुखेको बारेमा बेलिविस्तार लगाएपछि तिनले भने, “सन्जोगजी, अब उमेर पनि त ढल्कदै छ । ज्यानलाई १६/१७ को जस्तो सोचेर धेरै धपेडी दिनु भएन । युवा त हुनुहुन्छ तर उमेर जादै छ भन्ने पनि हेक्का राख्नु प्यो ।” त्यसपछि पक्का भो जीवनको अढाइ दशकको यात्रा त एक निमेष मै पो सकिएको रहेछ । फेरी जीवनको भोगाइहरुले पनि यस्तै केहि भनिरहेका थिए । …


Do Not Try To Disapprove God's Existance

The conversation wether or not God exists is one which many of us have had, but rather not get involved in since it is easy to offend someone if you say something wrong. 399 more words


John Fletcher Quote

“…Repentance…the awakening of a soul

from the sleep of carnal security…”

– John Fletcher, from Works vol. III


How Evolution Can Help Us Think About Gay Marriage

Adam Smith, Charles Darwin, and gay marriage. The wisdom we take from evolution is the same that a good economist takes from the Invisible Hand: absent really good reasons, let things be. 460 more words

Project Pan - April 2015 / Reviews

So here I am, sitting with a garbage bin by one side, and with 10+ empties and a candle burning by another side, ready to share my thought on some products that I used up. 817 more words

Project Pan