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Selfie Narcissism

The last couple of weeks I have been noticing a certain behaviour on Instagram and its bothering me. I am not immune to the social media trend, in fact I am happily engaged, lol – one of the few times I am happy to go with the trend. 145 more words


Gender Identification

One of our societies greatest overlooks is the way we identify as a gender, and the importance or gravity we lay upon it. You see, there is a gender dogma when it comes to our daily vernacular. 418 more words


Books read in May and June

The Wisdom of Insecurity (5/6) – This was a surprisingly difficult read for so slim of a book. Very powerful though. I found the discourse on the difference between faith and belief very helpful in dealing with my own depression and anxiety. 599 more words



“The Grave and the place of destruction are never satisfied, Nor are a man’s eyes ever satisfied.” – Provervbs 27:20

Being content with what we have is important. 52 more words

Be Still

to the little brown bird chirping to itself on the telephone pole,
the wind breezing through bending branches and rubbery green leaves,
the tiny red spider scurrying over the sun-faded plastic green chair. 153 more words


Short stories 1

I would like to call these posts as short stories. It’s almost a quarter to the end of my housemanship. I still remember I started from scratch about a year and half ago. 614 more words

My Take on Indie Authorship

Are unpublished writers necessarily artists in the ideal sense?  Or might their speculative efforts also serve a practical purpose by promoting their very survival?  Words, like other symbolic toolsets, allow people to understand their environment just as cave paintings aided primitive man.  303 more words