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Abstract Man.

Abstract Man
Is Undefined,
Is Unconfined,
Abstract Man
Is not Simple,
Nor Still
Is not Stable,
Nor Spill.
Abstract Man,
Is Greater Than.


Pedantry In Communication

All arguments concern definitions and nothing else. For instance, an argument about whether the previous statement is true or false allows for two positions: a) all arguments concern definitions; b) not all arguments concern definitions. 1,490 more words


I am back

I am back ,to be in my shack;
This was my home in this world,
Things lying as i left them a while back.
I am product of this environment, 96 more words


what to look for in this blog

I am starting this blog for sharing my knowledge on Test Automation, primarily in Web, Mobile Automation and Behavior Driven Development using Cucumber. I will be covering end to end topics in Test Automation starting from basic info to complex scenarios and to creating automation frameworks from scratch. 25 more words


Analogize This: Subcultures and Subgroups

Remember the post about the Clash, the rawness of the Vanilla Tapes, and authenticity? In response, someone commented elsewhere that there is a cross-over between punk and reenactor subcultures. 709 more words

Living History

(More) Messages from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Mcleod Ganj – 5th March 2015

Holed up in cosy cafe in Mcleod Ganj, decorated with prayer flags and embroideries of the Potala palace, monks slap tables and play with their mobile phones, the mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ is played quietly from a giant, flashing speaker.   929 more words


▶ Kin-Dza-Dza

The vast desert landscape of Kin Dza Dza! (1986) perfectly symbolizes what this film offers; a minimalistic presentation with a complexity of layers hidden beneath the surface. 31 more words