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Civilisation part 1 PDF


It’s been three months since I began work on the ‘Civilisation‘ project. In that time I’ve learned a huge amount of information about an awful lot of┬ápeople. 131 more words

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Choosing To Be Happy - No. 59

Yesterday after work
Maggie was checking the front yard
I was sitting on the porch steps
Looking through the mail
Enjoying just being able to stop… 59 more words


The Veneer of Federal Court Superiority in the Alabama Same-Sex Marriage Case

It is always fascinating to me that as often as postmodern views surface in how people discuss issues today, inevitably a person’s adherence to that idea disappears on some particular issue. 2,056 more words



Is sexual attraction biological or social? The real answer is some sort of mix, but I’d want to test that. The only problem is how do you separate biology from society? 364 more words


Stymied by Perception

Perceiving life as cruel and brutal can cause one to stop participating in the world. If existence is such a futile and hopeless experience, why bother doing anything at all. 186 more words


We have a duty to be skeptical

We have learned from history that we are often wrong about many things. The Earth was once thought to be flat. The stars were believed to be fixed in the sky, and it was also believed that they would fall down to the Earth one day according to the Bible. 187 more words


The failure of "Western" society.

The prime motivation of many converts to “Violent Islam” is a subconscious dissatisfaction with western society.