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Theology for the Future

The Trinity is one of the most powerful concepts of Christian thought. In a nutshell, the Trinity is the representation of the one Supreme God in three distinct parts. 831 more words



I am unyielding
Not rigid
Merely bending until you give
You ask, I nod, but never answer
Allowing you to believe you have triumphed
When, in reality, you have succumbed… 46 more words


Study 62: Art Resolutions-Umbrellas Evolving

Art Resolutions is a self-imposed initiative to create an art study each day for a year.

Two lessons are clear as I move through this experience. 78 more words

Creative Living

Commemorating events of war.

In commemorating events of war in the manner we do we are crystallising in our psyche the cult of war instead of emphasising the need for finding peaceful solutions to all conflicts.


Love and Kindness

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Life is fuller, has more meaning, and there is more enjoyment in it. I have recently fallen in love, and it is a warm feeling in the heart that just makes me happy when I feel it. 787 more words


Partisan review: the Shadow of Consciousness

Peter Hankins recently published a book: The Shadow of Consciousness (A Little Less Wrong). In case you don’t know, Hankins has been blogging about consciousness for more than ten years: his… 1,809 more words


Cycle of Sphincters

It doesn’t matter what it’s called or the philosophy behind it, either those that control society’s resources are assholes or they’re not. Do those holding power over necessities hoard or help, are they selfish or selfless? 130 more words