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Is Death Bad For You? No, Don't Laugh. This Is Philosophy.

Jeez. Another philosopher making hard work of something simple. How Should We Feel About Death? – Ben Bradley, Syracuse University, Published online: 24 Feb 2015… 5,628 more words


Five flowers and two twigs

Five flowers and two twigs are not art. When given to an ikebana practitioner, she or he will be able to transform them into art without hesitation. 565 more words


I'm A Feminist and I Hate This Whole "Privilege" Nonsense

My editor choose the click-bait title.

“Just think about what compensations someone else may be making to be in your world. Exercise compassion. Exercise understanding. Count your blessings. 10 more words


D'Ranged 25.6.7482

She posited a postmodern pout
a mechanized quandary
intellectual/artistic/philosophic inquiry
cyborg helmethead being
weighing on her mind

an anarchy of manga tangles
speaking unknowable truth to power… 80 more words


René Descartes

René Descartes, dubbed the father of modern philosophy, is a French philosopher, mathematician and scientist. He was born in 1596 in La Haye, France, and went on to earn a law degree aged 22. 258 more words