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Book rundown: March 2015

Massimo Pigliucci’s The Relevance of Philosophy

This ebook by philosopher and biologist Massimo Pigliucci is a quick read, but its dollar price tag is definitely justified if one wishes to better combat those who are ignorant and dismissive of philosophy (to be blunt: they’re blinded by ignorance). 454 more words



I just spent much of the evening reading through a series of posts at The Life Project: Finding Clear and Simple Faith. I spent the time reading a series of posts about the  426 more words


"The Dress"

This is very cool, but I’m not sure why it’s such a big deal, honestly I don’t understand social media trends sometimes.

Hank Green gives a great look at some of the science… 276 more words


Philosophy Thoughts: Life

This will be a first in a series of “Philosophy Thoughts”, while back I would get a flow of creativity and mental exploration. In such I would think about many philosophy and existential thoughts. 230 more words


Is The Self an Illusion?

Do you sometimes feel you contradict yourself? Are there others in your brain competing or collaborating to create the illusion of a singular self?

It seems quite clear that the more the experts understand the brain (which might be very little right now) the more they are coming to the conclusion the self is an illusion, or to be more precise, there may be many selves within one brain. 396 more words


The Body Rabyd - Spring-Board 2015

It has been a solid week this week.  I hit every workout and made my goals as far as getting all the sets and reps in for the week.  388 more words