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Forever scars my blue heart

Forever scars the burning of my Heart, bule with my love.. Forever~ bluing, burning is my heart forever scarred burns the blue heart of my Love.. 239 more words


Fingers are not like hands

Zoe (2y. 3mo.) has recently gotten pretty good at counting up to 10 objects.  Today, as we were out on a walk, I decided that it was time to start taking advantage of this and chatting math with her.   272 more words

The Swan Rises

The eyes behold the world as through a prism,  but one so complex that it divides both space and time into their component parts, ad infinitum, until the oneness to which all subscribes is lost in the illusion of complexity.  180 more words


Art is...

What happens when a person creates a work of art, be it a book or a sculpture or a painting or a pile of twigs and sponges or a song or whatever, is that that art becomes public property. 670 more words


The News Insanity

Here is the link to the latest article on my other blog: The News Insanity


Visible magic and reality

Something appears

from nothing

was it the wind that let the feather fly

or did the feather start to vibrate and give the wind a ride..?


God’s Greatest Pleasure: No One Should Perish.

Why is there so much punishment in The Bible: penalties for sin in the Old Testament and talk of Hell in the New Testament? Yet the overwhelming message I get from the whole book is that “God is love.” I suggest there are three reasons for speaking this way. 564 more words

Something To Think About