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I still think of you

I still think of you

in the morning,

when the winds play across telephone wires

and winter’s trees.

I carry your face before me… 332 more words


An Introspection

Every once in a while, when you want to start something new – when you want to explore some place you haven’t yet had the chance to take yourself to, you find yourself in dilemma. 491 more words


What are you scared of?

Fear- according to the college/high school loved webpage Google…

an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. 331 more words


Dancing Kings

The trash and sand
are dancing in the street,
as my feet then meet
suddenly feeling
less discrete before them.

And as I make
my way across town, 117 more words


An Introverted World

In a world that is run by extroverts, it’s hard to be an introvert. I know how hard it is. Being an introvert can be hard. 510 more words


How It Works


Attachment, in regards to anything, has never really been your thing. For someone who has lived through the studied philosophies of the past, you ironically take joy in adapting modernity as your religion. 173 more words