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Our Friend Talent

is a fickle beast,
demanding our attention,
or our respect at least.

for a true reason,
whether we see it,
or are simply daft to its fun. 55 more words




It runs away to the room

where nothing moves, not from dying

not from finding its joy.

It was warm, but is now harmed… 308 more words


Loves Alive

Love will survive
loves stays alive
as long as you know
I will survive,
don’t just lay down
Love will survive
Love will never crumble, it’s always alive… 172 more words


Wicked witches of wicked romancer

Wicked crooked walk in a wicked way around the witches waste in which only a witch can display. The wickedness of holy witness in wickedness unique wicked ways double ditch the witch of unique wickedness as she displays her wickedness. 712 more words


Raging fury

Raging fury Mother Nature at Sea rapture, spinning water spouts; tornado funnels of fury.
Whisping assaults, indicative due destruction, Imperial Descendants; creatures of depths in ancient pasts, desending to uncharted depths, ptyhoms safe habitats.. 224 more words