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Light of the Soul, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: book 3 sutras 33-

“Spiritual maturation is in our daily experience.” This is our continuing discussion of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Alice Bailey’s commentary, as well as our thoughts. 90 more words


Friendships - ticking time bombs?

So today I got a little foretaste of what I would go through in 3 months time. I guess one can only brace and wait till then, experience the euphoria, the tears, the regrets, the sadness, the laughter, the memories, etc… everything at once… and then you’re alone. 93 more words


Fly or Die

heat in my palms

cracking in my ears

the climb is daunting

the view is haunting

high in the sky

if I surrender all

will I fly or die?

Nature Made Us Differently

The silencing of your love
Is crushing.
Our differences
As stark as blood on the snow.

You’re probably
Head down
Nose pointed
At the scribbles on your page. 30 more words


La Voluntad como Naturaleza[1]

El documento de Millán Puelles del cual se basa este comentario lleva el mismo título del tema que se va a comentar aquí y este es, la voluntad como naturaleza. 1,246 more words


But I was...

But I was…


But I was sleeping, exact as bread

to the lips of the famished. I was formidable in

my sleep, even laughing occasionally. 386 more words


In my next life...

Now I know that not everyone in this world believes that when we die we will get reincarnated into something else- and I know that some believe that what we become is a reflection of how we acted or performed in our former life. 203 more words