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Yeah, sure, but how do you DO that

I’m still re-reading the book of Philippians, jotting down thoughts and questions as I go. Eventually I’ll put them in order, but for now I’m selecting passages that have had a special impact on my life. 862 more words

Stigma... But not the kind you're thinking of.

I experience mental health stigma most days.

I’m berated for my weakness when I’m exhausted after another sleepless night.

I’m ridiculed because my chronic tiredness sends me to bed at 10pm most of the time. 698 more words

reason to get up in the morning

“For I want you to understand what really matters…” – Paul, Philippians 1

This morning I’m heading out the door fairly early, so just a short post for today.

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Live Like You Mean It

Lesson Seven - Section one - Paul's Letters

                                                                    Lesson 7 – NEW TESTAMENT                                                                          THE EPISTLES


Many of Paul’s letters to churches, especially his teaching letters, have two sections, firstly a presentation of what God has done and secondly our response to Him on the basis of what He has done. 1,007 more words

Bible Studies

In Life, Christ. In Death, Gain.

Paul writes in Phil. 1:18-26 of his conflict between bearing fruit for God in this life and departing to be with God for eternity. He rests in God’s sovereignty with joy and hope, encouraging us as believers to live a life set apart for Christ in all circumstances. 1,959 more words


We can laugh about it now ...

Dave and I sat in the fading sunlight Saturday and laughed with friends about how far we’ve come in three years: in a few weeks, God willing, we’ll get keys to a new house in Lansing. 634 more words