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Song of the Day: Groovy Kind Of Love by Phil Collins

A Groovy Kind Of Love

When I’m feeling blue, all I have to do
Is take a look at you, then I’m not so blue… 171 more words

Song Of The Day

"Elevate" - St. Lucia

*Ends seven-month hiatus with little to no explanation and pretends it never happened/blames it on school.*


Now that my studies have winded down a bit I have more free time to do what I love doing the most…writing about music. 280 more words

Artists On The Rise

Photoshop Take 2: Stu Stu Studio

Half of second semester is complete and with that, I had my final production for my intro to multi-camera course. To be honest, I knew studio was challenging especially putting on a live production (even if it’s just the news) it’s quite the endeavour, but MAN it is super stressful. 239 more words

Following Protocol

During a lifetime collecting music by all manner of progressive and classic rock bands, I’ve occasionally delved into the jazz-rock and jazz-fusion genres. Looking back to the 70’s and 80’s, there was just so much music to discover, these forays into jazz tended to be short lived but always added fulfilling instrumental ear candy to my collection. 458 more words

Concert Review

Genesis: The First Apple Was Rich in 2,4-D

life is like a phil collins near death experience
you never know what decade it will be when you enjoy hearing him again



Phil Collins Role 2

Phil Collins play himself in GTA Vice City Stories. He has missions circle around save him from assassinations, and also mission where he singing the song called In Air Tonight. 33 more words

Phil Collins


The founding member of legendary rock band Genesis looks both back and forward. 

By Steve Houk

Mike Rutherford was surprised. Stunned, really.

I mean, you’d think an internationally respected rock musician and founding member of Hall of Fame rock band Genesis might not get surprised by too much these days. 1,281 more words