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Bad Parenting

I am obsessed with my dogs. They are better looking, funnier, and smarter than anything you have in your life. There is a chance everyone feels this way about their pets, and maybe everyone isn’t right– including me. 492 more words

Major Difference Between Cats and Dogs

I leave my house once or twice a month for three days typically. Now.. I have a cat and a dog. They can always sense when I’m leaving again and the difference is hilarious. 337 more words



After breakfast naps;
run and play then it’s time for
before dinner naps!

In DoG We Trust


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I looked back to see what was going on here a year ago....awfully lot like what is going on here today!!!

The Master and the Servant

Well theres lots of Mr. Know it all walking around but not enough servants these days.Or on the opposite scale there too many servants and not enough masters. 1,069 more words


The very hungry hamster

Fur twitching
Paws creeping
Whiskers wiggling
Eyes peeping

Nose sniffing
Ears pricking
Cheeks waiting
Tongue licking


Curious Marble

This beautiful gelding was curious about another photo shoot I happened to be doing…I turned around and caught him mid stride.