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Post 744: Caturday is for wand toys...!

Nothing piques the boys’ interest like a wand toy. Dougy, in fact, knows where I store them –the little end table Andy likes to sleep on…– and he’s been puzzling out how to open the door since the first day he saw me pull a BirBug wand toy out of it. 144 more words

Andy The Persian Cat

Pure Petfood review: Terrific Turkey

I’m going to start with the big problem about this food. You’ll know if you’ve ever added a bit of warm water to your dogs food, their noses will go crazy as the heat releases the smell. 249 more words


♫ Workin' At The Car Wash, Yeah! ♫

correction –  the COW wash!

SO…I come downstairs having concluded a short nap the other day, and I hear the water running.

NOT in the washer; NOT the downstairs bathroom toilet refilling. 165 more words


Meet Gavin

Our newest addition to the family…a ball python!

I never thought that I was a reptile person, but after Baby Dino joined our household, it turns out that they aren’t so bad.   19 more words

Beloved Haunting

I walked down the street yesterday to the house/salon of a neighbor to set up a haircut. Coming home past other neighbors, I saw several pretty rocks. 316 more words



Because it’s been too long since I made you all look at pictures of them. 35 more words