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Monroe County Petition

Pig wrestling is not humane, and the pigs are terrified this is not normal living for them. So many people say the pigs are having fun that is not true they are running away in fear. 20 more words


Harrison County Petition

An event known as pig ‘wrestling’ has been proposed for the 2015 Harrison County Indiana Fair. Infant and young pigs are to be brought in from out of state and put into a mud pit where teams of people will chase the pigs with the goal to throw the pig into a trash can. 45 more words


Whitley County Petition

During pig wrestling, contestants chase terrified pigs, tackle them to the ground and then stuff them into small barrels or force them onto small platforms. These events are emotionally and physically damaging to the innocent pigs involved. 111 more words


Noble County Petition

Cruelty sold under the guise of tradition and “entertainment” is still cruelty. A pig wrestling event is an event that is no less than torturous to the pigs involved. 294 more words


Grant County Petition

Grant County Indiana 4 H Fair board, Marion Animal Care and Control, Grant County Council and Commissioners and the misguided citizens where is your common sense, your compassion for another sentient being, where is your example of leadership and guidance in teaching respect and reverence for quality of life?  78 more words


The End of Dominion

Sanctuaries are the model of a future society in co-existence with non-humans, where no one is harmed.

Interesting project.


“Imagine a society in which animals are no longer exploited for human use.

45 more words

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