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Enforce Protection of Hammerhead Sharks

The exportation of hammerhead shark fins has been approved in Costa Rica. By choosing profit over the well-being of the hammerhead population, many sharks are being target and killed every day. 14 more words

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Punish Man Accused of Selling Baby Orangutan

A man in Indonesia was arrested for allegedly attempting to illegally sell a baby orangutan. The man is reported to be a leader in illicit animal trading, and has trade connections throughout Indonesia. 18 more words


Reject Suppliers That Torture Geese for Down

A major retail store uses suppliers that torture geese to collect their down feathers, which is an inhumane practice that many other stores have distanced themselves from. 34 more words


Justice for Dogs Injected with Acid

Dogs are being injected with caustic substances and left on the streets to suffer until they die as part of an effort to reduce stray dog populations. 26 more words