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A Petition, to Governor Asa Hutchinson and Commissioner of Education Johnny Key, Requesting Return of All State-Controlled School Districts (Including the PCSSD) to Local Control

If you agree with this petition, please sign it, leave comments if you wish, and share it with others. Taxation  without representation is NOT the American way! 8 more words


聯署 Petitioning G20:Jamie Oliver calls for action!

Petitioning G20

Jamie Oliver 正在招募大家加入為學童爭取飲食教育的陣形。你只需登入 www.change.org/jamieoliver ,輸入你的名字及電郵便完成。每年全球有 500 萬人因為飲食相關疾病死忙,我們相信只要認識食物、懂得選擇、多些家庭可以自己煮食,這個情況是可以改善及避免的。請大家多多支持,自己簽完記得幫忙叫多些朋友簽。謝謝!! ‪#‎為食起革命‬ 需要你!!

Hi guys, Jamie here.

I urgently need your help to make a real difference. 375 more words

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Lenten Practice: Silence
Daily Act: Before you begin your day of work or activity, silently offer this prayer (taken from Psalm 46:10), which is best said with a rhythmic chanting of the words and a pause for contemplation after each line. 285 more words

Georgians denied diplomas may petition for one under new law

ATLANTA (AP) – Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has signed a bill into law that will give Georgians who were denied their high school diplomas an opportunity to petition for one. 110 more words


Declare all scheduled languages of India as Official Languages.

Indian Union accords a higher status to Hindi by making it the official language of the union and the union government spends crores of tax payers money to propagate it’s usage as an administrative language. 103 more words


Declare all languages present in 8th schedule of the Indian constitution as official languages of the Indian Union.

The ‘Hindi and English only’ policy of the Government of India has put crores of non-Hindi speakers at a disadvantage.

This is especially true as the central government runs a host of services like Banking, Insurance, Passport, PF, Railways, Airports, Highways, Telecom, etc touching the lives of crores of Indians speaking different languages. 92 more words


Press the Union Govt to declare all languages of 8th schedule as Official.

Due to the current flawed language policy of India, hindi is given prominence and all other Indian languages are being sidelined. The impacts can be seen in Railways, PostOffices, banks, safety information on gas cylinders etc. 114 more words