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Lawrence Of Arabia (1962)


★ = That was bloody awful, ★★ = Not completely terrible, ★★★ = Pretty decent, ★★★★ = Hold me that’s good

IMDB Cast and Crew List… 632 more words

How to Steal a Million (1965)

Honestly, the main attraction of this film is its leads in Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole as well as its director, the great William Wyler. Otherwise this film is a light, fluffy, silly caper comedy with a touch of drama. 396 more words

Long Review

‘Lawrence of Arabia’ (1962) — He for Whom Nothing is Written

What makes a film a classic? A better question to ask is: what makes a film epic a classic film epic? Without boring readers to tears with dry, statistical analysis — and for the sake of argument — let’s say that Sir David Lean’s 1962 desert epic… 977 more words


Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

#7—Lawrence of Arabia

Epic true stories have become a staple of American cinema. These films share a grand story of a hero who has done a great many things. 543 more words


Review: Lawrence of Arabia

After such great success on A Bridge on the River Kwai, many must have been left in wonder on what exactly David Lean has next in store. 532 more words

I watched Supergirl at least twice at some point in my life

I saw something about Supergirl (1984) used as an excuse to not make female centric superhero movies so I thought I’d revisit the old movie. 323 more words


Nigel Terry 1945-2015 Sniveling Prince and Romantic King

Nigel Terry 1945-2015  played the sniveling teenage Prince John in “The Lion in Winter” 1968 with Katharine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole.  His most famous role was as the romantic King Arthur in John Boorman’s “Excalibur” 1981.   7 more words