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ISIS, joint Canada-U.S. security top agenda at security forum

The threat posed by ISIS to both the Middle East and Western countries was one of the central topics for discussion among delegates at the Halifax International Security Forum this weekend. 584 more words


Election campaigns: where good (and questionable and touted) bills go to die

OTTAWA — At least three pieces of the Harper government’s tough-on-crime agenda stand to die next month when Parliament shuts down for the summer in just a few weeks. 1,104 more words


Government’s $20-million fund to help sex workers leave the industry is already ‘over-subscribed’ — just as predicted

ESQUIMALT, B.C. — There are more groups than money available for the government’s proposed $20 million plan to get sex workers out of the industry, Justice Minister Peter MacKay said Friday. 404 more words


Allegations of RCMP wrongdoing on gun registry data destruction handed to police

OTTAWA – Allegations of RCMP wrongdoing related to the illegal destruction of long run registry records have been referred to the police for investigation.

It’s the latest twist in an unprecedented battle between the Conservative government and an independent officer of parliament whose job is to safeguard Canadians’ access to government records. 676 more words


Assisted suicide laws hang in balance as end of session, election loom

OTTAWA —With the clock ticking down toward summer and the end of the Conservatives’ first majority government, the national law around physician-assisted suicide is hanging in the balance. 823 more words


National Post View: The military is a fighting force, not a public works project

We read in the Ottawa Citizen that long-delayed trucks for the Canadian Army are finally expected to enter service in 2017. Originally promised by the federal Conservatives in 2006, what was supposed to be a two-year acquisition process has instead become yet another in a long line of bungled military procurement projects. 783 more words

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Lakritz: Rise up, women, against sexist bullies

Writing in the New York Times last year, Svante Paabo, who sequenced the Neanderthal genome, said, ” … some people living today are closer to the Neanderthals than to other people.” We saw proof of that in Toronto this week. 638 more words