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My Movie Song Of The Week #237

“The Last Goodbye” by Billy Boyd (from THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES)

- Bede Jermyn

Movie Song

Dead Alive (a.k.a. Braindead)


Long before Peter Jackson’s stock-in-trade was making bloated adaptations of Tolkien’s works, he made horror films. Specifically: insanely gory horror films, with Dead Alive (or Braindead) being the one people tend to remember most fondly. 186 more words


Conoce a Michael Jackson... el cervecero, no el cantante

En honor al gran Beer Hunter, que hoy cumpliría 73 años, publicamos esta infografía acerca de esta leyenda de la cerveza, ¡que la disfruten!
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Peter Jackson anouncing the 72-part movie series of SILMARILLION!!!!!

“The eye of the timber” revealed that in a press conference that Peter Jackson is preparing a new movie series of the Silmarilion. This new series wasn’t unexpected after the 2 greatest movie series of all time.

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How Hollywood Uses Peter Jackson's CGI Technology To Resurrect Dead Actors Like Paul Walker

Losing Paul Walker halfway through the production of Furious 7 left the movie’s filmmakers in a very tough spot. Not only was this emotionally devastating, but Walker was a major player in the franchise, and his presence was crucial. 549 more words