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Oscar Bait Gone Wrong

The months October, November and December are known most commonly in the movie world as Oscar season. This time of the year often brings out the year’s ‘Oscar bait’, films that focus on important subject-matter, employ stong casts and are produced at least partially in order to be nominated for, and hopefully win, an Academy Award. 949 more words

List This!

Secret Cinema

As you might have noticed, we don’t tend to do lists here at Shadowplay. I have, at various times in my life, enjoyed making lists, but now the internet is flooded with them, so I will only do lists if they can be complete rubbish, like… 1,096 more words


Lord of the Rings - Media in Transition

For any fan of Lord of the Rings or media here is a link to my blog:

“Lord of The Rings – Fan Culture and Textual Poaching”

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

After six films and 15 years I have finally reached the end of Peter Jackson’s ‘Middle Earth Saga’ with the third of his movies based on JRR Tolkien’s… 502 more words


Eight Books That Inspired Me: #1 The Lovely Bones

Starting today and for the next few weeks, I’m looking at the books and authors that inspire me as both a writer and a reader. The eight books I’ve chosen have also been adapted for film and television, so let’s take a look at them too… 608 more words


From Hollywood to Wellywood: A Tale of Two Signs

Wellywood: it makes some people cringe and others swell with pride. But love or loathe the title, there is no escaping the fact that the bulk of New Zealand’s film industry is based in our humble little capital. 819 more words

The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies Extended Edition Could Get IMAX Release

Richard Armitage, who played Thorin Oakenshield in ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy, says the Extended Edition of ‘The Battle Of Five Armies’ could get an IMAX release.

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Richard Armitage