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The site MetaCritic made a list with the top 10 best movie directors in the last years. They were chosen according to the best reviews from professional critics over the past years. 827 more words


Peter Jackson's message to The One Last Party

Sadly, Peter Jackson wasn’t able to join us in Hollywood for The One Last Party – but he did send a special message, to all fans at the event and watching on the Live Stream. 14 more words

Top Ten Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings Moments

Peter Jackson finally brought his middle-earth journey to an end with ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’. After 3 very successful LOTR films and three Hobbit films which got a more mixed reaction, i thought to celebrate their ‘last goodbye’ i could pick out some of my favourite moments from the two trilogies. 713 more words

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To Adapt, or Not To Adapt? (a response to Kat Sas)

In response to my “trolling” on Facebook, my friend Katherine Sas published a post on her blog Raving Sanity in which she discusses why some film adaptations fail even though they seem to superficially resemble the book. 2,700 more words

Film Adaptation

The Brilliance of the Evenstar

There are three important female characters in The Lord of the Rings.

Galadriel, the super powerful, super cool one, whose beauty, wisdom and general awesomeness is unparalleled. 1,333 more words


Books vs Movies? Does there have to be a battle?

Today in Tolkien class, we were talking about what we had learned while reading the book. During the discussing, I heard a lot from my fellow classmates that they disliked the movies based on the Lord of the Rings, and wished they hadn’t left so much out. 1,030 more words

the GORIEST fright-fest of ALL time: Dead Alive [AKA] Brain Dead [1992]

Who would have imagined that back in 1992, there would be a film director who made only really made cult movies would get himself the popularity and the stature in the movie world he has today? 648 more words