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The Monthly Spew Exclusive: Sauron Comes Out Of Exile

The Dark Lord opens up about PJ, the Hobbit and what he’s been doing since The end of the Third Age

When you hear the phrase “Dark Lord”, it conjures up images of ruined castles, blackened skies, and desolate wastelands. 802 more words

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King Kong comes to Universal Orlando with Peter Jackson's help; small planes beware

King Kong is joining the wizards of Hogwarts and the Jurassic Park dinosaurs as breathtaking residents of Universal’s Islands of Adventure next summer. “Skull Island: Reign of Kong” 113 more words

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100 Word Review - Braindead (1992)

Also known as Dead Alive, this is one of Peter Jackson’s first feature films. But don’t expect hobbits.

I don’t know what to say about the plot. 73 more words

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As we are big Lord of The Rings fans, one of the highlights for Gia and me on our recent trip to New Zealand was the… 515 more words


THE LOVELY BONES Movie Review by Chinook the Ferret

Take time to smell the roses and the people in your life. I have not seen a film that made me laugh, cry, cringe in horror and revulsion and nostalgic about my own life and the people I interact with all with the same viewing. 539 more words

Chinook The Ferret

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Year of release: 2014

Running time: 144 minutes

Certificate: 12

Director: Peter Jackson

Starring: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Luke Evans, Orlando Bloom

Perhaps trying to adapt one book into three films, no matter how long the story may seem, wasn’t the most successful endeavor, particularly when you’ve already adapted three other related books into movies that were roaring successes. 393 more words


Nine things we’ve learned about rings, hobbits and Peter Jackson’s epic saga

Thirteen years, six movies, 18 hours of footage, thousands of beards, wigs and bushy eyebrows, not to mention hundreds of miles of toupee tape to attach them to actors’ faces.

1,522 more words
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