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My money's on the hated Peter Hitchens being right about the EU referendum. #EU #EUBastards #PeterHitchens

Then there will be negotiations at which we will be told the EU has abandoned some of its ‘red tape’ or diminished its demand for ever-closer union, or postponed some other power-grab.

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And So It Goes...#640

One of those occasions when  I simply need to glean directly from Peter Hitchens blog directly.This one on May 8 2015.He says it all.

Let me start by saying without equivocation that I was wrong. 1,594 more words

UK Politics

Further election reflections-media bias

A few more reflections on the 2015 UK General Election. the outcome of which apparently surprised a lot of people but which looking back I think can be understood, if one factors in various lies, swindles, corruptions and insanities. 1,331 more words

BBC Bias

Groundhog Day Comes Round Again

Today I am posting Peter Hitchens blog, from the day after the elections.

There are two main reasons for this: 

1. The  first sentence of the post will I am sure, bring great joy to those -and there are quite a few – who continue to respond to my circulation and endorsement of Mr Hitchens views with amusement and bemusement (though I am pretty sure they have not widely read his articles and books) 1,628 more words

Labour Party

Chomsky & co.

We’ve seen how some of Vladimir Putin’s Western apologists belong to the “yes, but” brigade. They’re quick to acknowledge that he’s a pretty vile character, and yet they feel moved to defend the guy – or even, as in Peter Hitchens‘s case, claim to like him. 511 more words


Peter Hitchens and Daniel Hannan have a public disagreement

I like both these guys. They’re inspirational. Interested to see them in a conflict of ideas. Its the kind of archetypal political disagreement. Hannan thinks its better to be in the tent, while Hitchens prefers to piss on it from the outside. 91 more words

UK Politics

If we don't vote for any of them, they might just go away

I usually find myself agreeing with the sentiments of Peter Hitchens on most subjects. His blog this morning on the “Leaders Debate” televised the other night says it more eloquently than I could, so here it is, for your perusal.         397 more words