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Armond White: A Postmodern Uncle Tom

Uncanny, don’t you think?

I am astonished whenever I see somebody try to defend Armond White as a critic who is ‘outside the mainstream’ of film criticism. 2,459 more words

Classic Movies

Peter Hitchens fights the culture war

I like the example Peter Hitchens sets in this video of how to debate the left.

His modus operandi seems to be: speak the truth plainly, be blunt and frank but not unnecessarily insulting, take the moral high ground  1,032 more words

Facing the Idea

“The most dangerous idea in human history & philosophy remains the belief that Jesus Christ was the son of God and rose from the dead. That is the most dangerous idea you will encounter. 71 more words


Peter Hitchens Changes His Mind. Quietly.

Presuppositions are powerful things. They are powerful because a person has to accept what is presupposed in order to understand what is said. Certainly a person can reject the presupposition afterwards, and in some cases does so quickly, but many times this doesn’t happen, and many times a person is left uncomfortable or unable to “put their finger on” what’s troubling them about the other person’s position. 704 more words


Former atheist Peter Hitchens, who set fire to his Bible, finds God.

Peter Hitchens is a former atheist turned Christian theist, and is a well-known journalist and author from England. He writes for The Mail on Sunday… 3,540 more words


Smears and Scare Tactics: That's the Tory Campaign

I wrote this blog during the General Election and didn’t get around to finishing it. The Tories didn’t run a good election campaign. if there were prizes handed out for the best campaign, the Tories would have lost. 1,530 more words