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And So It Goes...#609

 This is gleaned from Peter Hitchens’ article which appeared in the venerable Tory magazine ” The Spectator ” ,March 7 2015. proof that even they dare to think the unthinkable in that Russia is the one being threatened. 1,001 more words

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And So It Goes...#606

Sometimes it’s just worth repeating what Peter Hitchens says in his Mail on Sunday column.In a trice he sums up the current situation with an alacrity so desperately lacking elsewhere in the receding landscape of forthright journalism.Gleaned from his March 6 2015 column :- 316 more words

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Creating a howling wilderness

I lived in the dying years of the Soviet Union in Moscow. I travelled extensively in the regions run by Communism. I saw it and I know how very, very hostile it was to religion and why it was, and one of the things I want to convey to people is how that hostility is now being re-forged by the new atheists who in many cases have no idea of the forces they are trying to summon off the ground, and very little idea of the dangers of what they are doing. 28 more words


Peter Hitchens: The House I Grew up in

“I know perfectly well that it’s actually quite wrong to try to live in the past or to seek it.

I think a lot of the reason why people do sometimes do it and some little moment of reminiscence will bring on a voyage into the past is because they would like to open a door and find that their parents were alive again. 621 more words

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Defining Addiction

Another drug-related death in the media, another chance for Peter Hitchens to tout his well-worn belief that addiction is not a thing.

Essentially his argument boils down to this: 1,323 more words

Please like me! No, adore me!

Over the last couple of weeks I think I have found the keystone that holds my depression together. It is part of the reason why my blog posts trickled away. 449 more words


Peter Hitchens witnessing the collapse of Western Civilization

Peter Hitchens: “what is technicolor about a world where children are fatherless? Where parents abandon and neglect their children? Where people selfishly destroy their bodies?”

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